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SOZO Christian Counseling Ministries

SOZO Christian Counseling Ministries

Sozo Christian Counseling Therapies Include:  (Children, Youth and Adult) (Individual, Couples, Families, Groups) Premarital Marriage ParentingRelationships / CommunicationBoundariesDepression/AnxietyTraumaAbuse or Victim RecoveryAddiction BehaviorsGriefShame and UnworthinessWorkplace Abuse  or Church/ Spiritual Abuse Recovery

Facilitating Mind, Body, Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

SOZO Christian Counseling Ministries offers an environment that promotes full emotional expression without any fear of judgment. We hope to ease the process by ensuring that you will be respected, heard and assured of God's unconditional love. We are located in the Denver Colorado Metro Area. 

SOZO Christian Counseling Ministries encourages through the love of God and Clinical Pastoral Counseling, to understand your true calling and to grab a life worth living and celebrating.

Our Prices / Hour

Individuals $ 100.00 (in-office) | $125.00 (home visit / off-site)
Couples - $125.00  (in-office) | $150.00 (home visit / off-site)
Families - $150.00 (in-office) | $175.00 (home visit / off-site)
Groups - $ 200.00 / hr. Dollar amount/person  depends on number of people attending. (Meeting room(s) can be provided for additional fee(s).)